Frank M. Ahearn Identifies Romance Scammers

Most victims of a romance scam met their scammer  online, in a chat room, on a dating site, social site, or from a mobile  app. If you have developed a relationship with a person you met in the  digital world, you could become or are the victim of a romance scam. 

Because  a person tells you they are in the military, working on an oil rig  offshore or has a government contract overseas, it does not mean these  things are real. Nor does the passport they shared prove one's identity  or the family photos mean anything. Scammers are rampant on the  internet, and so are the tools that forge and fake documents.

Before  you begin a "relationship" with a person on the internet, shouldn't you  know their real identity? Why risk heartbreak or the possibility of  losing money or your life savings. If each of my clients hired me to  identify their online love interest, no one would have lost a single  cent. 

netScammer, identifying & locating romance scammers worldwide. 

If an online dating scammer, military love scammer or romance scammer  has victimized you, and you want to know their identity and current  whereabouts Frank M. Ahearn can help. Do note that identifying and  finding scammers is not an easy task, but it is not impossible. Also,  the person you are or have been chatting with could be multiple people  spread throughout the world.  

Identify & Locate

Romance Scam


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

After you prepay service, email me their name, email address, photos,  mobile  numbers, and other relevant information. Specify if you want me  to identify if you are involved with a scammer, or you want me to search  their whereabouts. 

Confirm Identity

Frank M. Ahearn

If  you are trying to identify, search for or recover funds from a romance  scammer, you must be cautious that you are not employing the scammer themselves. The criminal who swindled you will contact you using another identity and claim they can recover your funds through a lawyer or law enforcement. They will request a payment to process the case, do not send money.

If you are interested in using my services and want to confirm my identity, you can visit my website, as well as read about me on the internet. For added security, I offer a video chat to confirm my identity.

Frank M. Ahearn has been a skip tracer (finds people) for over thirty  years and has hunted people from Finland to Fiji. He is known as a  world-renowned privacy expert who disappears victims of stalkers and abused spouses.  

Recover Funds Sent To An Online Scammer

netScammer helps recover funds sent to a romance scammer recovers money sent to a romance scammer.

Losing money in a romance scam is horrible, no doubt  you want it back. However, it is a difficult feat, but not impossible.  Tracing funds sent to a foreign bank is extremely difficult nor will it  necessary recover your funds. Once your money lands, scammers pull it  out to avoid tracing and seizure. They also use third parties in various  countries, as well as other victims. 

What I do is is create a pretext for you to tell the scammer. The  objective is to entice them with a story that you are receiving a large  amount of money in the future. I direct you on what to write, and how to  respond. Together we work to trick them into sending you money. This  process could take a month, three months and sometimes it does not work.  Only you can decide if you want too fight back and try to recover money  or if you should move on and take the loss. 


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