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Dating Scams Can Happen To Anyone

Romance, military and online dating scams all start online. They can begin on Facebook, Instagram Words with Friends, Match, Tinder, POF and anywhere else a connection is possible. Ninety-Nine percent of these relationships never move beyond texting, email or Google Hangouts. It is more than likely you never have a video or phone conversation with your online partner.

Have You Seen Them on Video?

The scammer will vow their love for you, change their emails to iloveyou@, or sweetsomething@. They will be extremely loving and caring until the bomb drops, a disaster occurred, and they need your help. They will want you to pay for a package, pay an embassy for a visa, help them out of a legal issue, lend them money for a business disaster or medical situation. Either way, it is all a scam. 

Know Who You Are Chatting With!

Not one of my clients ever imagined they would have fallen for a scam, but they did. Some for the amounts of one thousand dollars, others two-hundred-fifty thousand euros. No doubt lives destroyed. If each of them used netScammer, not one would have lost a single cent. Before you invest time, emotions and trust with a stranger online make sure they are who they say they are, and not some scammer. 

Take Control

Scammers Are Professionals

Most online scammers are professionals and not some lone wolf in a basement. These are criminals who know who to target and how to manipulate conversation and emotions. It is essential to know who you are chatting with online and recognize that the person could be a romance scammer. Not knowing is gambling with your heart and life savings. 

netScammer has two types of clients, those who are involved with an online scammer but yet to send money and those who have sent money. 

Pre-Scam: A netScammer Search identifies if the person you are involved with is a scammer.

Post-Scam: If you sent money to a scammer a netScammer Search has three steps. 

1. Search and identify if the person you are chatting with is a scammer.

2. Search for the identity of the scammer and their whereabouts.

3. Determine is it is possible to recover your money.

Trying to recoup funds is not an easy feat nor is it always possible but not impossible. If I feel there is an opportunity to recover your funds, this is a separate fee based upon the situation. 

Fee $150.00

1. Subject Name

2. Phone Numbers

3. Addresses

4. Email Addresses

5. Photos

6. Backstory

Send info to Frank@netScammer.com

Frank M. Ahearn

Frank M. Ahearn is the creator of netScammer. He has been a skip tracer (finds people) for over thirty years and has hunted people from Finland to Fiji. He is known as a world-renowned privacy expert who disappears victims of stalkers and abused spouses.  If you ave any questions, Frank@netScammer.com

New Book: Online Dating Scams

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Frank is the author of The New York Times Bestseller, How to Disappear, The Fifteen Minute Disappear and the Fifteen Minute Skip Tracer. 

Recently he penned Online Dating Scams, Romance Scams, Military Love Scams: How To Detect Fakes And Not Become A Victim and if each of his clients read, they never would have sent money to a scammer.


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