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1. Are you dating a romance scammer? 

If you met a person on a dating site or another social site and have begun an online relationship be it friendly or intimate, you could be the victim of a romance scam. One of the red flags to be aware of is, not having video conversations. We live in a mobile-friendly society; there is no reason they cannot video on a mobile, laptop, desktop or from an internet cafe. 

Romance scammers like to impersonate oil rig workers, military soldiers, engineers, and business professionals with large government contracts. These professions assist with keeping them in a far off place and helps to shield their real identity. If it sounds familiar, you could be the victim of an online dating scam.

Victims get caught up in the scam because they think they are in a long distance relationship/ Romance scams do not date in the real world of speaking on the phone, having a video or even meeting for lunch. It is all digital, texting, email and on social sites. This is how the scammer keeps the world small, and intimate.

When the relationship solidifies, the scammer manipulates the roles by reshaping the dynamics between you two. They become a victim, and you become their savior. They will tell you they have legal issues and need money for a lawyer. The engineer will complain that an expensive piece of machinery broke, and they cannot access their bank account. The ones who claim they are widowers, tell the story of a sick child. They look to you to be their savior, which always involves your money. The fee to search is $200.00.

2. Search for a romance scammer.

When victimized by a romance scammer, your first reaction is to identify and locate the culprit. To identify and find a scammer's whereabouts is not an easy task considering they hide behind fake photos, prepaid phones, VPN's and sometimes work in teams. That is not to say tracing and identifying them is impossible. 

If you want to search for the scammer to gain closure, I understand. However, to recover funds, the focus should be on the party(s) that received the funds. In a romance scam, the only truths that exist are you sent money, and someone received that money. 

When you request service, please identify if you are searching for the scammer or if the person who received funds. The fee to search is $200.00.

3. Who is the face in the photo?


After the romance scam, there is the lingering question of who the face in the photo is; an understandable curiosity .

netScammer has successfully located the face in the photo. It is not an easy task but not impossible. The fee to search is $200.00.


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State if you want to identify if you are dating a scammer, locate a scammer or searching for a person in a photo.

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Fight Back!

There is no magic button one can press to recover funds sent to a romance scammer. Your only chance of recovery is to be aggressive and loud!

First a word of caution, after the romance scam victims are contacted by fake lawyers, law enforcement and hackers claiming they have recovered stolen money. Do not send more money!


Money involves trying to trick the scammer into sending you funds. netScammer creates a ruse for you to tell the scammer; a windfall; inheritance or lucky win. We get the scammer interested and let them believe you will send them more money. Then a problem is introduced; you need to pay an inheritance a tax or lawyer. If they agree to help, you will compensate them. 

Identification involves trying to extract passports of people the scammer wants you to send money. The identifications are the gold that moves us closer to success. 


The only real truth in a romance scam is you sent money, and someone received that money. The receivers could be unwitting victims or middlemen who forward funds. netScammer searches for the contact and locations of the people and corporations involved and aggressively demand the return of your cash. 

You do not know if the person you sent money to is under investigation in that country. Nor do you know if the bank accounts are frozen and your money is still there. Therefore an inquiry is essential. 


You do not know if the person you sent money to is under investigation in that country. Nor do you know if the bank accounts are frozen and your money is still there. Therefore an inquiry is essential. 

We contact the bank and request an investigation and the immediate freezing of assets as well as help to have your wire transfer reversed. 


Since romance scams span the globe, victims do not know which law enforcement agency to contact. Unfortunately, the massive law enforcement agencies are involved with what they deem as greater crimes, and romance scams, do not seem to rank.

We contact local law enforcement, banking authorities, state agencies, and request help. 


Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that these actions will lead to recovery. At the very least your efforts will wreak havoc on the scammer's operation. Netscammer fees are determined by the amount of money you sent. 

Romance One: Under $50,000 the fee is $500.00

Romance Two: Between $50,001 and $100,000 the fee is $750.00

Romance Three: Between $100,001 and $200,000 the fee is $1000.00.

Romance Four: Over $200,001 the fee is $2000.00.

To request service, email Frank@netScammer.com and I can send you an invoice to pay or my bank details for a wire transfer. 

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