Romance Scam

After The Romance Scam

I have written about, after the romance scam, scam before. Online scammers are pure dirt and not only do they prey on the weak and vulnerable but the broken as well. After they siphon as much money as possible and disappear, they put the phase of the scam in action.

1. The victim is contacted by a lawyer or solicitors

2. The victim is contacted by a friend in their social network

3. The victim is contacted by the romance scammer

A lawyer or solicitor contacts the victim claiming the scammer is under arrest, and law enforcement has frozen the money in a bank. If the victim wants to recover their money, the lawyer needs X amount of euros to secure the funds. The solicitor tries to make the situation appear official, and they request a copy of the victim's passport, and social identification number. 

Providing this information gives the scammer the information they need to steal your identity.

So-called friends from Facebook or Instagram contact the victim claiming they too were victimized. They tell them that a law enforcement agency contacted them and good news, all the money can be recovered. I am sure you can figure out what is next. Yes, the agent needs X amount of euros or dollars.

The most brazen after the romance scam, scam I have dealt with is the scammer reconnects with the victim. The dirt bag scammer comes clean and admits they are a scammer but works for a large organization. He claims he does not want to be a fraud any longer, he has fallen in love with the victim.

Some of the reasons victims are susceptible to the second scam is because of desperation or chasing the money. When you lose a significant amount or all of your life's savings you will do anything to recoup. Chasing the money is like gambling, its that hope or feeling the next bet is going to win.

If you are approached or want to hire someone to search, identify or assist in recovering funds from a romance scammer take precautions and vet the person. If they claim they are a lawyer or solicitor, contact the bar association or the registry that license legal professionals.

Frank M. Ahearn identifies, locates and helps in fund recovery from a romance scam.

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