Chase The Money

Do Not Chase The Money

If you are involved in an online dating relationship and sent your so-called partner money, you must not chase that money and realize that the next part of the fraud is the chase.

Let's step back a moment, and say your chatting partner is an engineer working a large project in Kiev, Abu Dhabi or Manitoba. He tells you production has halted because a part broke on the machine and he needs to order a new piece for ten thousand euros. However, he has a dilemma, the company has yet to pay him, but they will pay him in two weeks. He will then make his problem your problem. 

Mr. Romeo Scammer will casually ask you for a loan. He will swear up and down that he will pay you back in two weeks. He will send you a certificate stating he has a multimillion euro contract with the government of Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, Monico or even Xanadu; either way, it is fake. 

You who are smitten by the fraudster agrees to help him and sends the money via bank transfer, Transferwise, Money Gram or Western Union. Ironically Mr. Romeo Scammer will not receive the money directly; he will tell you to send it to a third party. The name could be Russian, Turkish or Nigerian. Copy and paste the name into Google, check out where that name originates. Think about this, if he is ordering a new piece for his machine shouldn't the money be paid by a credit card to a company, one that has a legitimate website. Not a bank account located in Turkey, Mongolia or Nigeria? Would a machine company actually pick up payment via Western Union?

If you fell for the scam, be aware the second part is coming; chasing the money. The scammer will tell you that some government froze his funds because of money laundering, terrorism or natural disaster. Even worse the part he ordered, is not ten-thousand but twenty thousand. Guess what; he needs another ten thousand from you to pay for the machinery, do the work and get paid. Once paid he will send you back your twenty-thousand dollars, euros, Swiss franc, whatever. 


There you are out ten big ones, what do you do? Do you chase the money hoping you will recoup your ten or do you say no? It is a decision that cannot be emotional. Frank says you must take the ten-thousand loss and move onwards. Yes, it hurts but if you allow yourself to be emotional and chase the money, you will be out twenty-thousand. That will hurt even more. If you pay that extra ten-thousand, Mr. Romeo Scammer is coming for it all, and he will dig deep into your pockets and steal your life savings. 

I have worked with many clients who have chased the money and lost big time. If you are having an issue with an online romance scammer, I can help.

Do Not Chase The Money!

Frank M. Ahearn

Chase the Money