Are you a victim of online blackmail or sextortion?

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Are you a victim of online blackmail or sextortion? can help.

There are times when online indiscretions can lead to internet blackmail or what is known as sextortion. It can come by way of a computer or mobile hack, but usually, online blackmail is a  romance scam or online sex that has gone wrong. Either way, the question is what to do if you are a victim, and the blackmailer is demanding payment.

Paying a blackmailer only leads to them demanding more money in the future. Also, there is no guarantee that they will not post your photos or send  to loved ones. On the flipside, not paying can lead to the blackmailer disseminating your information to friends, family, and the internet. No doubt you need to make the right decision, for a difficult situation. 

One of the critical questions is, who is the blackmailer. If you met them  online, the answer is most likely do not know their true identity. Nor  do know how they will react if you do not pay. You do not need to be  alone while dealing with a blackmailer; I can help.

I create a strategy on how to deal with the situation to achieve the best  possible results. Those results are to back the blackmailer off and rid  them from your life. Not one of my clients ever paid the blackmail, nor  was their photos, videos or any other private information ever  released.

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