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Online Dating Scams: English Second Language Victims

Something I have noticed in my netScammer service which identifies and locates romance scammers is the majority of romance victims are from Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. The second set of victims live in Nordic countries, and the third are Eastern Europeans. Then a variety of other places. What all of the victims have in common is they speak a little bit of English.

Most of the Nigerian romance scammers have a command of the English language and can come off as professionals, soldiers, and engineers. I believe they are purposely targeting women who talk a bit of English. The reason is if a scammer calls a victim, they can chat a bit but the victim is unable to identify the accent of the scammer, and do not know if it is American, British or Canadian.

If you are involved with a person online, and English is their primary language you need to be cautious. They may not be from New York, Toronto or London as they claim. Scammers also keep phone conversations short not to give you too much time to hear them. If possible record the conversation and compare it to a person speaking English on Youtube. Then again, if you need to record a conversation with someone you are involved with perhaps you should not be with them, and it is time to move onwards.

Remember, scammers avoid videos and phone conversations. You should avoid those who avoid modern technology like videos and phones.


The dangers of online chatting begin with ourselves, and the false belief that we are too smart and it won't happen to us. We assume nothing wrong will ever happen, yet something has to happen to someone. Why shouldn't we become a victim if we play in the dangerous field of online chatting?

What makes any of us unique? Victimization is not a choosy beast. Did you know online dating crimes is one of the most lucrative crime businesses on the internet? You may think you are chatting with Eric Kelly from the Army, but there is a strong possibility it could be a criminal who is part of a global network. Perhaps in Nigeria, Russia, Ukraine or Turkey.

I have worked with doctors, lawyers, nail technicians, teachers and plenty of smart people who fell prey to an online romance scam. If you believe the goop that your chatting partner's mobile phone is broke and they cannot video, you are part of a scam. If you fall for the jive that he is a special forces marine and cannot video because of top-secret mumbo-jumbo, but he can text; you are part of the fraud. If you look at his certificate for a multi-million-dollar contract and find it believable, you are in the swindle hook, line, and sinker. Think, open your mind and do not play a part in a romance crime. Ask questions, demand answers, if you get BS, get out of Dodge immediately.

EST, Excuses, Stop Today!

I wish I could get my words to the millions of online daters and chatters and let them know what I know; share what I have seen. Tell them of the heartbroken victims that are now financially devastated. The men and women who saved for retirement who will now work into their seventies. Or the ones who took out second mortgages on their homes or maxed out credit cards. Not one of them ever thought they would be a victim, each of them figured they were too smart to fall for a ruse. They were all wrong. What makes you any different?

If a person you are chatting with asks to borrow money from you say NO, GOODBYE and BLOCK them from your mobile, computer and life forever. Someone who loves and cares about you will not put you in financial jeopardy.

In the US alone over two-hundred-thirty-million dollars were sent to online scammers worldwide. Law enforcement believes that is only about fifteen percent of the reported online dating crimes. This amount does not even scratch the surface on an international level. Most of my client base comes from outside the US.

Many victims are ashamed and afraid to come forward. They do not tell their families or contact law enforcement. They face the emotional pain and financial tragedy alone. Be responsible in your online world and make use of the words no and goodbye!

Date smart and do not become a victim of an online dating scam.

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