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Romance Scam Stranded Scam

A popular scam is the; I am Stranded Scam. What romance scammers do is set the stage for them being stopped, stranded or trapped and they need your help, which always comes in the form of your money.

Female scammers create an urgency. They are at the airport, tried to get on a plane to visit you, but the police took her passport away. She reveals the truth, she is a victim of trafficking, and her captors are after her, and she needs you to send money. Much of the time this scheme hits after the victim has paid for an airplane ticket for the scammer to visit. If you send money, you will be out that plus the airline ticket.

Male scammers claim, the boat they are on is stranded, or the police are detaining them, and they need bail money or for you to pay for their belongings to be shipped. The police scam will involve a fake lawyer or solicitor contacting you; the shipping scam comes in by way of a website that accepts credit card payments.

Do yourself a favor and do not fall into the role of savior. As much as you would like to help a person, you must help yourself first. The primary responsibility here is to assure yourself that you are not a victim of a scam. Therefore, before sending off thousands of dollars, euros, francs or diram do a little due diligence. Which can be a simple assessment, have you had a video conversation with the scammer, did you ever speak on the phone with them, did you search their photos online. If not consider a service like netScammer which identifies and locates romance scammers worldwide.

Date smart and do not fall for the romance scam stranded scam.

Frank M. Ahearn

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